Amazon Block 19

Seattle, WA

Kinship was the primary supplier for all Amazon office towers in Seattle, providing general contractors with all their Division 8 requirements. The sheer volume of work and pace required to keep up with the demand of Amazon’s expansion certainly was a challenge that Kinship embraced.

High-profile projects like the Amazon office expansions require astute attention to the relationship and needs of the surrounding contractors that keep construction flowing and end users happy. Kinship made sure that all bids received were given a fair opportunity, time, and consideration while ensuring bid dates were met early and often with concerns addressed before submittals. After the award phase, one of the main challenges of the project was to provide a high-security master key system that met Amazon’s stringent requirements. Like most projects, Kinship always holds a keying meeting to discuss how owners wish to distribute security clearances. Using a combination of access control with electrified devices and an extensively reviewed and iterated master key system supplied by Kinship, the Amazon office buildings of Seattle remain secure. Additionally, shipping material to sites in the heart of a bustling metropolis like Seattle is no feat to ignore. This is why Kinship prides itself on its logistics team and delivery abilities, meeting delivery windows and working with the general contractors for optimal use of flat bed space.

Kinship’s expertise in providing high-security master key systems and access control systems was a major factor in its success on this project. Our ability to meet tight delivery schedules and navigate busy Seattle streets while maintaining procurement processes to meet demand, was pivotal to the successful completion of several Amazon HQ office projects.

Key Notes

  • Installer friendly interior aluminum frames designed to decrease onsite install times.
  • Sophisticated master key system.
  • High reliance and supply of electrified opening solutions.
  • High demand to meet bid and procurement requirements.

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