St. Michael Hospital

Silverdale, Wa

The St. Michael Medical Center in Silverdale, Wa bolsters a new ten-story expansion alongside its predecessor. Kinship was awarded as the primary supplier for the St. Michael Medical Center project. 

One of the challenges faced by Kinship was the requirement for LEED-certified doors, ensuring the sustainability and environmentally conscious construction of the building. Additionally, the medical center required lead-lined doors for X-Ray spaces to meet safety requirements. The doors were also designed with high traffic and impact resistance in mind, with hardware specifically chosen to meet these requirements.

Key Notes

  • LEED-certified doors were required for the sustainable construction of the building
  • Lead-lined doors were supplied for safe X-Ray spaces
  • Doors were designed with high traffic and impact resistance in mind
  • High grade panic bar devices rated to withstand high use were supplied.

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