Sammamish High School

Bellevue, Wa

The redesign of Sammamish High School not only required a complete overhaul of its doors, frames, and door hardware but of the building itself. The now three-story building found itself in need of better egress solutions as well as extra thought toward student safety. As a leading door, frame, and door hardware supplier, Kinship was brought on board to support Spee West in achieving these requirements.

The primary concern for this type of project was ensuring the safety of the students in case of a lockdown. Kinship supplied classroom function locksets equipped on all classroom doors. An important innovation in mechanical operation that prevents assailants from entering while allowing first responders or school staff to enter when safe.

Another challenge was the unique type of transom and borrowed-lite frames specified for this project. Some borrowed-lite frames were also a shipping challenge due to their size, which required innovative solutions. To tackle the challenge posed by the size of the borrowed-lite frames, the welding shop at Kinship constructed some of the frames in a way that they could be spliced and field welded. This operation allowed Spee West to maneuver larger products more easily, reducing shipping costs and improving efficiency.

The innovative solutions provided by Kinship enabled Spee West to complete the project on time and within budget. Kinship demonstrates its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by any project. The company’s expertise and dedication to meeting its customers’ needs were key factors in the successful completion of this project. The end result was a safer, more secure school for the students, staff, and community of Sammamish.

Key Notes

  • Student Safety using the classroom function locking devices on all classroom doors.
  • Unique procurement of specialized and highly custom transom and borrowed-lite frames.
  • Innovative methods of shipping larger frames to site.

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