Costco - A National Partner

National Account

Costco is a well-known brand around the United States, and If you’ve ever been inside one of its facilities, you’ve probably seen the hard work and dedication of the team at Kinship. That’s because Costco is one of our national accounts, and as such, we’ve supplied thousands of openings around the united states with no signs of slowing down. 

Because of this dedication to our clients, we’ve restructured our operations to meet the needs our national accounts, contract projects, and over-the-counter sales. This internal restructure ensures that each department within Kinship gets the highest level of attention and support. Every customer at Kinship receives instant feedback and one on one support while always meeting tough procurement deadlines and navigating ever changing material shortages.

As of 2023, Kinship offers preinstalled hardware on all Costco projects that request it, and this service is available for most contract jobs as well. This service decreases installation time in the field and ensures that hardware is operational at the time of delivery, saving our customers money too.

Key Notes

  • Armored Doors for high traffic and impact protection for large industrial use.
  • Preinstalled hardware shipped and delivered onsite. 
  • All projects receive the utmost attention, and Kinship departments are structured for efficiency. 

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