F5 Tower

Seattle, WA

Seattle F5 Towers Case Study

The Seattle F5 Towers is a multi-use office building that was completed in 2018. As the primary supplier of doors, frames, and door hardware, Kinship Group played an important role in the successful completion of this project. Consisting of 44 phased floors and limited delivery windows, Kinship required coordination with JTM construction for timely delivery. Additionally, building management personnel and tenants required an access-control and a robust key system designed to meet their needs. These challenges required a solution that was both efficient and effective. To address the challenges of the Seattle F5 Towers project, Kinship Group supplied Allegion brand door hardware, held and conducted extensive keying meetings, and, in some instances, manufactured welded frames in-house to meet the demands of the construction project. Thanks to the combination of high-quality door hardware and efficient in-house manufacturing, Kinship Group was able to exceed the demand of the Seattle F5 Towers project.

Kinship Group’s commitment to supplying high-quality products and its in-house manufacturing capabilities are key to its success and ability to meet the demands of challenging construction projects like the Seattle F5 Towers.

Key Notes

  • Nearly 600 doors supplied across 44 floors.
  • Challenging delivery requirements constrained within tight windows and high demand.
  • Unique access control system and coordination of electrical hardware with the security team.
  • In-house manufacturing


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